In this story, you’ll learn some experience in python coding.
Assemble the numbers 1 to 9 in a three by three grid (square) considering this rule: The sum of the rows, the columns, and the diagonals must be 15. Read the story to check the exciting way to find all magic squares of order 3 using Python.

Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

The Magic 3x3 Square

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Coloring Pages Using Microsoft PowerPoint For teachers and parents.


These days, life is busy and full of challenges. The bad news and sometimes the hopelessness has swept through our lives. Social networks, online news, and the media all involve people’s thinking about the problems of human society. All of these signals affect the brain. It is easy to see a sense of boredom in people. In the meantime, a short break to clear the mind and relieve stress by doing coloring activity is the promise that adult coloring books give. How true are these promises? The habit of coloring designs…

Pegah & Reza Data Science

Data science, Machine Learning, and Computer Stories By: Pegah Malekpour Alamdari & Gholamreza Zare

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