How To Design The Prettiest Geometric Patterns Using PowerPoint?

Coloring Pages Using Microsoft PowerPoint For teachers and parents.


These days, life is busy and full of challenges. The bad news and sometimes the hopelessness has swept through our lives. Social networks, online news, and the media all involve people’s thinking about the problems of human society. All of these signals affect the brain. It is easy to see a sense of boredom in people. In the meantime, a short break to clear the mind and relieve stress by doing coloring activity is the promise that adult coloring books give. How true are these promises? The habit of coloring designs brings peace and joy to our minds?
People’s eagerness to use such books and their abundance in the book market shows that people have embraced this activity as a kind of painkiller to heal the busy lives of these days. But can coloring the sketches of these books help us? We know that the brain needs relaxation. On the other hand, overhead information creates a kind of confusion. The daily pressures of economic, social, political, security and life, in general, have made human life like a machine. Most people try to make money through which they can survive. Surviving is different from living. As the words of chance and change differ only in one letter. But many have built their lives on change, and only a few successful people are trying to change their lives based on their efforts. And that’s the key to their success. The coloring habit is an easy and fun activity to rejuvenate the brain. The brain rests during staining. It also reinforces the creativity, tranquility, and sense of going back to school and childhood.

Geometric Design Elements

Look at the drawing below. This design is made up of just one simple element. The regular repetition of these elements creates the design. Since this repetition can be very high, artists put some of it in the same range. For example in the space of a sheet of paper or a section of wall tiling. In this design, by repeating the main element in a specific way, additional spaces are created that create two additional elements. So in total, the design has three elements.

The main simple elements indicate by red shapes.

To use this design as a tile, we just need to do a proper iterative segmentation. In this way, the design of each tile is obtained. The following figure illustrates this concept.

Design a hexagonal patterns using Microsoft PowerPoint

The base shape of a simple hexagonal patterns shows in the following figure.

Before you begin, keep in mind that the design consists of two hexagons (small and large) and six lines.

So draw a hexagon first using Insert/Shapes/Hexagon.

Then draw a smaller hexagon in the middle. Now do the steps below and draw the small lines carefully. When you have finished the basic layout, select all the shapes and group them all.

You can now create the final design by copying and duplicating this basic design.

congratulations! Your geometric pattern is ready. You can now print it out and enjoy the coloring.

Now try yourself to draw this design:

As you guess, the base element is as follows.

The base element consists of two triangle (small and large) and six lines.

Now create the final pattern.

Also, you can use the base pattern for other design.

And color it.

Geometric Coloring Book Series

My partner and I have published several adult coloring books on Amazon. These series have some advantages to use in meditative activities such as mind relaxation including creativity. We have designed the drawings based on geometric patterns. They are suitable for everybody even children. These awesome patterns regarding coloring for stress relief, fun, creativity, and visual inspiration improvement. You can add color and shading using crayons, marker pens, colored pencils, paint or other artistic media to line art patterns.

This is our books link. Thanks for sharing.

Geometric Designs and Patterns Coloring Book Volume 1
Geometric Designs and Patterns Coloring Book Volume 2
Geometric Designs and Patterns Coloring Book Volume 3
Geometric Designs and Patterns Coloring Book Volume 4
Geometric Designs and Patterns Coloring Book Volume 5
Geometric Designs and Patterns Coloring Book Volume 6
Geometric Designs and Patterns Coloring Book Volume 7
ADULT COLORING BOOK: Geometric Stress Relieving Drawings and Patterns 1
ADULT COLORING BOOK: Geometric Stress Relieving Drawings and Patterns 2

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